Maurizio Costanzo (b. 1961) is an Italian geologist and street-photographer, based in Trieste, Italy. He has lived and worked in Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panamá, Guatemala, Mexico, Curaçao and Uganda.

His interest is to photograph candid situations in the street. He try to use intuition for shoot strong photographs of people who are visually attractiveness to him. The characters he photographs are symbols of our time. He add in the pictures a strong emotional content and an element of mystery.

He carry a small discreet camera, no kit bags or tripods. His photography is natural and realistic. This style of working enables him to find the individual touches and unobserved moments in the day life.

In long-term projects prefer to deal with social issues.

His work in 2013 has been exhibited in spaces such as the FIAF Gallery – Fincantieri-Wartsila Association – Trieste, Town Hall of Turriaco (GO) – Italy, the Fotoklub Zagreb (Croatia) and Mimara Museum, Zagreb – collective exposition.

The exhibition “Light inside” has been exposed at the lobby of City Hall Turriaco, Italy  (GO) from February 18 to March 5, 2016.

In 2012 was selected to participate in the Masterclass in Turin with Magnum Photographer, Bruce Gilden and in 2014 in Reggio Emilia with Patrick Zackmann.

He has received a number of photography awards including:

  • Author of the Year FIAF 2015 for the Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy with the portfolio “Light Inside”
  • Finalist with the story: “Number Guide 45” in Portfolio Italia 2013 – Gran Premio Epson Italia, Bibbiena (AR)
  • 2nd Prize – Trentino Immagini – Baselga di Pinè (TN) in 2013
  • 1st place in the “10 th portfolio Trieste” in 2011;

The portfolio “Numebr Guide 45” was published in the magazine FOTO IT (n° 9 – september 2014) and in the magazine “Portfolio Italia 2013”.

A picture of him appears in the book “The Complete Photo Manual” ( Weldon Owen, Incorporated – 2014).